Sponsorships Available

Main Show Sponsor $1700
Banner at show - Predominantly displayed, Logo on all flyers and advertisements, Top Banner ad on main page and registration page.

Trade show floor Make up contest Sponsor $1200
Banner Displayed behind stage, Company name and logo on counter panel sign, Banner ad on website

Masquerade ball Sponsor $1200
Banner at venue, company mentioned throughout night, Reserved table (4 tickets included) allowed to put literature on other tables, website banner.

Seminar sponsor $1000
Name printed on all schedules, name and logo displayed on all classroom signs, website banner ad.

Attendee Show bag sponsor $1200

Registration Counter panel $200

Panel sign registration corner of registration table $200

Online Web page banner Ad $100

Fashion Show Sponsor $700

Banner displayed predominantly displayed during fashion show, Logo on step and repeat, Half page ad in Tai
Love Productions magazine, banner on website.

Logo on Step and Repeat $50

Tai Love Magazine Ads Quarter Page Ad $50

Half Page Ad $75

Full Page Ad $125

For Sponsorship email: ron@sehhc.com