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Why Savannah?

  • We chose Savannah Georgia for the home of the Southeast Hollows Haunt Convention for a few reasons.

  • Prime location for vendors to have people come in to convention from all over the country as well as overseas.

  • The convention center is conveniently located across the river from the historic downtown area, 

  • Free ferries run throughout the day to the convention center and back across to downtown.

  • The downtown area is a family friendly area with plenty of restaurants and places to get a drink.

  • You can stop and get a drink / adult beverage and carry it with you as you walk around.

  • It's rated the top haunted city in the United States, along with plenty of ghost hunting tours or just ghost tours.

  • The city is also very pet friendly.

  • A very diverse area with a lot of history and culture, and cemeteries to roam around in.

  • Up for a beach trip? Tybee Island is approximately 20 miles away.  

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